Back to School Macaroni Review: Juice in the Box


By Dawn Betke, Mattituck Macaroni Kid, Mom Publisher August 20, 2014
Juice in the Box makes lunch time fun for kids and happy and healthy for Mom. It’s the back-to-school must have for kids of all ages!

This revolutionary designed and patented reusable drink box is the perfect companion to any healthy lunch or snack. It's safe, BPA and Phthalate free, easy to clean and comes in five colors – green, orange, pink, red and blue. 

I was sent a Juice in the Box to check out. My son immediately liked the bright color, and ease of holding and opening the box. After using it for several weeks we are still using it on a daily basis and it has become a definite must in our household!

There are several things that as a parent I'm pleased with. I love that the box is refillable, it cuts down on waste overall. I love that I can fill the box with whatever I choose. So for us it has mainly been water, but my son still feels as though he has a "juice box". A win, win in my book!  Squeezing and falling over juice boxes are a thing of the past with the Juice in the Box too! With its hard design you no longer have to remind your child "don't squeeze it" as you hand it off!  

The Juice in the Box is also 100% spill proof, no leaking! I have tossed it into my purse on several occasions among my phone and iPad and have had no issue! I'm sold!

Don't take my word for it, visit and snag your Macaroni Kid one or two! 

Full Disclosure: I was sent a Juice in the Box to facilitate this review, no other compensation was given and all thoughts and opinions are as always, my own.